Film Movements in Cinema: Free Cinema

free cinema movement, british new wave

During the waning years of 1950’s England, a group of documentarians arose to address pressing concerns, including poverty as seen through the eyes of working class citizens. The movement was dubbed The Free Cinema (1956-1959). Many Free Cinema movement filmmakers began as writers writers for leading film related publications, most notably Sequence and Sight & Sound.…

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IFH 524: Self-Taught Filmmaker to HBO & Amazon w/ Robert Alexander

robert alexander, Kid Cudi, A Man called Scott, Kid Cudi Documentary

Today on the show is producer and director Robert Alexander. ROBERT ALEXANDER is a self-taught filmmaker and photographer, Emmy Award®-winning director and executive producer whose creative work spans film, television and advertising. After making his directorial debut with HBO’s The Shop, featuring LeBron James, Barak Obama, and Maverick Carter, Alexander has emerged as a creative…

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IFH 523: Making A24’s The Humans with Stephen Karam

Stephen Karam, Stephen Karam Interview, The Humans

Today on the show we have writer and director Stephen Karam. He is the Tony Award-winning author of The Humans,  Sons of the Prophet and Speech & Debate. For his work he’s received two Drama Critics Circle Awards, an OBIE Award and is a two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist. Stephen recently directed his first feature film,…

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Denis Villeneuve: Complete Guide to His Directing Techniques

Denis Villeneuve, Dune, HBOMax

If one were to take a poll of contemporary cinephiles asking them to name the most exciting filmmakers working today, the name of director Denis Villeneuve would undoubtedly slide in towards the top of the list— if not cap it outright. Films like PRISONERS (2013), SICARIO (2015), and ARRIVAL (2016) have stunned audiences with their…

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How to Make Prop Money for Your Indie Film

If you are making an action film, thriller, or crime drama chances are you’ll need a briefcase FULL of prop movie cash at one point or another. To create a fake money supply, you must first decide how much cash you are going to use in your production. You should figure out what amount of…

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What is Mise en Scéne? – Definition and Examples

Working in the film business you hear many “inside” terms on a set like Apple box, MOS, montage don’t cross the line (to learn about the 180 degree line in a past article), etc. One such term is “Mise en Scene” or the translation “placing on stage.” This is a French expression that refers to…

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IFH 522: Inside Ghostbusters: Afterlife with Gil Kenan

ghostbusters:Afterlife, Gil Kenan

Who are you going to call? Yup that is right, we have on the show today to co-writer of the new installment in the Ghostbusters universe, Gil Kenan. Gil co-wrote Ghostbusters: Afterlife with his friend writer/director Jason Reitman. Check out the trailer below. From director Jason Reitman and producer Ivan Reitman, comes the next chapter…

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