The Shining: Breaking Down Stanley Kubrick’s Masterpiece

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The Shining: Breaking Down Stanley Kubrick’s Masterpiece The Shining is the legendary 1980 film starring Jack Nicholson as the protagonist of a psychological horror story. Directed by Stanley Kubrick, it’s touted to be one of the top 10 all-time scariest horror shows. The original story was written by Steven King who published a novel with…

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6 Filmmaking Techniques Alfred Hitchcock Used to Create Suspense

Alfred Hitchcock, AlfredHitchcock AlfredHitchcock, create suspense create suspense, creating suspense, creating suspense

6 Filmmaking Techniques Alfred Hitchcock Used to Create Suspense Although you may not have seen any of his movies (a situation which you seriously need to rectify), you’ve certainly heard the name, Alfred Hitchcock. He is recognized as one of the great minds of cinematographic history and is even hailed as the Master of Suspense.…

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What is a MacGuffin? Alfred Hitchcock Explains

MacGuffin, McGuffin, Alfred Hitchcock

What is a MacGuffin? Many of you might have heard of the term “MacGuffin” floating out there in the ether, but what the is it? The answer is not that straightforward. Legendary director coined the phrase back in the days of his film and used it throughout his career. When asked what a MacGuffin was…

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IFH 163: Why Indie Filmmakers Need to Break the Rules

Break the Rules

Why Indie Filmmakers Need to Break the Rules In this episode, I discuss breaking the rules. why it is important to your career as an indie filmmaker and how it can make you stand out from the crowd. I share examples on rule breakers in throughout Hollywood history and the impact it had on their…

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Michael Bay: Directing Hack or Genius?

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Michael Bay: Directing Hack or Genius? Every indie filmmaker who knows anything about films loves to hate on Michael Bay…or do they? Over-the-top he may be, but is Michael Bay really the worst director alive? I know we are all a bit tired of watching giant robots beat the hell out of each other. With that…

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IFH 120: What the HECK is a Scriptment?

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What the HECK is a Scriptment? So what is a Scriptment? I found it to be a liberating form of prepping a story to be filmed? When I was in pre-production on my first feature film This is Meg, I wanted to get into production as fast as I could without waiting to develop a…

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IFH 162: 7 Tips To Nail Your First Week On a Film Set

film set, production assistants, PA, Grip department, Film Production, Art Department

7 Tips To Nail Your First Week On a Film Set Your first week on a film set will be an intimidating experience. It takes time to find your feet and feel comfortable in such a unique working environment. You may have experience from college working on short film sets, but it is usually completely…

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