Steven Spielberg: Complete Guide to His Films and Techniques

Steven Spielberg

Ask anybody with a passing interest in movies who they think of when they hear the word “director”, and 9 times out of ten, you’ll get the same name:  Steven Spielberg.  The man is undoubtedly the most successful director of our time, perhaps of all time. He single-handedly invented the blockbuster with 1975’s JAWS, but he’s also responsible…

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Rob Zombie: Ultimate Guide to His Films & Directing Techniques

One of my pet peeves when it comes to art is when someone from a particular artistic discipline decides they want to try their hand at film directing.  In practice, it’s a hit or miss proposition:  for every successful transition (Steve McQueen, Tom Ford, or even Ben Affleck), there’s an abject failure (Madonna and…Madonna). When…

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IFH 524: Self-Taught Filmmaker to HBO & Amazon w/ Robert Alexander

robert alexander, Kid Cudi, A Man called Scott, Kid Cudi Documentary

Today on the show is producer and director Robert Alexander. ROBERT ALEXANDER is a self-taught filmmaker and photographer, Emmy Award®-winning director and executive producer whose creative work spans film, television and advertising. After making his directorial debut with HBO’s The Shop, featuring LeBron James, Barak Obama, and Maverick Carter, Alexander has emerged as a creative…

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Denis Villeneuve: Complete Guide to His Directing Techniques

Denis Villeneuve, Dune, HBOMax

If one were to take a poll of contemporary cinephiles asking them to name the most exciting filmmakers working today, the name of director Denis Villeneuve would undoubtedly slide in towards the top of the list— if not cap it outright. Films like PRISONERS (2013), SICARIO (2015), and ARRIVAL (2016) have stunned audiences with their…

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