Top 10 Must Listen to Screenwriting Podcasts

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Indie Film Hustle’s Top 10 Screenwriting Podcasts Screenwriting Podcasts are a treasure trove of knowledge for the aspiring or professional screenwriter. Indie Film Hustle has put together the Top Ten must listen to screenwriting podcast of the last year. The list below is a whos who in the screenwriting world. Be sure to take notes because there…

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IFH 216: From Indie Films to Oscar Nominations with David Permut

DAVID PERMUT, Hacksaw ridge, Blind Date, Oscar nominated producer

From Indie Films to Oscar Nominations with David Permut I’m back from Sundance! What a ride this year. So much to tell you guys. The first interview in my Sundance Film Festival Interview Series (co-produced with my buddies Adam Bowman at Media Circus PR) is legendary producer David Permut. David has produced almost 40 feature…

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IFH 214: Sundance Film Festival Survival Guide

Sundance Film Festival, Slamdance Film Festival, Blackmagic Design Workshop

Sundance Film Festival Survival Guide This year will be the sixth time I’ve been to the Sundance Film Festival and I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks on how to survive the experience. I’ve many many mistakes when traveling to the festival. From the wrong shoes to not having Chapstick. These small things can…

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IFH 210: How to Work Creatively with People and Not Kill Each Other


How to Work Creatively with People and Not Kill Each Other One of the biggest issues filmmakers, screenwriters and creative types in general have is working with other people. Creativity is very personal to an artist, in any part of the process. I’ve seen first-hand decade-long friendships get destroyed by “creative differences”. I could see the…

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