IFH 093: How to Brand and Build an Audience Using Social Media

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So I had the pleasure of speaking at the HollyShorts! Film Festival at a “fireside chat” with my brotha from another mutha RB Blotto from Stage32.comWe sat down and discussed How to Brand, Market and Build an Audience Using Social Media & Marketing Hustle. 

I had a ball and as promised I recorded the evening for those of you who couldn’t make it. Check it out below:

You’ve got an amazing script, now what? The first step is to identify your audience and create a brand for yourself that you can leverage when crowdfunding or selling your film. Once your film is done, the next step is marketing and promotion. Join us for a fireside chat with Filmtrepreneur and Filmmaker and Indie Film Hustle founder, Alex Ferrari, and RB Botto, Stage32.com founder, as they offer best practices on building an audience, creating a brand, marketing yourself and your film, and finally, getting the word out via social media, which is crucial to your success.

Sit back and enjoy this knowledge bomb filled episode.