Screenwriting Books You Need to Read – Top Ten List

Top Ten Screenwriting Books You Need to Read 1) Screenplay by Syd Field The first book I ever read about screenwriting. Syd Field is the forefather of the how-to for screenwriting. He cracked the code of the three-act structure and paved the way for all other screenwriting gurus that would follow. As far as I know,…

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How to Get Bad Ass Prop Guns for Your Film

How to Get Bad Ass Prop Guns for Your Film When my team and I were making my first short film BROKEN we really wanted to have functional and professional-looking guns for the project. Obviously, we weren’t going to use real guns and getting our hands on working prop guns was too cost prohibited. We knew…

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Top Ten Best Screenplays Ever Written

Top Ten Best Screenplays Ever Written If you want to be a screenwriter you have to read screenplays. There’s no better place to start than reading the masters of the craft. The Writers Guild of America (WGA) published this list of the top ten best screenplays ever written and I would have to agree. My personal favorites…

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How to Make a $1,000 Feature Film with Jay & Mark Duplass

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How to make a $1,000 Feature Film with Jay and Mark Duplass Make a feature film for $1000? Sounds crazy right? Well if you don’t know Mark Duplass you should get to know him. Mark and his brother Jay Duplass are most widely known for making the indie film hits “The Puffy Chair” and “Safety Not Guaranteed.”…

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Quentin Tarantino’s Unreleased Feature Film: My Best Friend’s Birthday

Quentin Tarantino’s Lost Feature Film: My Best Friend’s Birthday Sponsored by: – Stream Independent  Few directors are as high profile and equally controversial than Quentin Tarantino.  The man is a lightning rod for criticism and praise.  Make no mistake, there is no middle ground here—you either love his work or are physically repulsed by it.  However, one objective…

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Stunt Driver: The Definitive Guide To Becoming A Pro

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The Definitive Guide To Becoming A Professional Stunt Driver “Professional stunt driver” may be the greatest job title in history. I am not a Hollywood A-lister, but I’ve claimed the title of professional stunt driver several times. I’ve worked on many film projects and have been hired as a full time stunt driver on two…

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[WATCH] All of Robert Rodriguez’s 10 Minute Film School

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Robert Rodriguez’s 10 Minute Film Schools – ALL OF THEM I’ve been a huge fan of the way writer/director Robert Rodriguez makes his films. The almost total creative control within the studio system is remarkable. Before Youtube film schools there was the 10-minute film schools on every DVD release of any Robert Rodriguez film. These 10 minute film…

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FREE Screenwriting Master Classes: Top Ten List

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Screenwriting Master Classes: Top Ten List What you are about to listen to is probably the equivalent of taking at least five years of screenwriting courses or classes at a top tier film school. BAFTA (The British Academy of Film and Television Arts) has an amazing collection of FREE screenwriting lectures from some of the…

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WATCH: Why the First Act of Every Film Is The Same!

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Why the First Act of Every Film Is The Same! It is surprising that the first act of most movies are normally the same, the way they set up the character as part of the storyline for the film. Most films show these five things, although maybe not in this exact order. Check out this…

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