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Michael Bay: Directing Hack or Genius?

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Michael Bay: Directing Hack or Genius? Every indie filmmaker who knows anything about films loves to hate on Michael Bay…or do they? Over-the-top he may be, but is Michael Bay really the worst director alive? I know we are all a bit tired of watching giant robots beat the hell out of each other. With that…

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How to Make Robert Rodriguez’s Guacamole Gun

GUACAMOLE GUN, Robert Rodriguez

The first time I ever heard of the “Guacamole Gun” was watching Robert Rodriguez’s 10 minute film school on DVD for the third part of his El Mariachi series “Once Upon a Time in Mexico.” (he developed it first in his and Quentin Tarantino’s From Dusk Till Dawn) Robert talked up the Guacamole Gun something fierce, saying: “The Guacamole Gun…

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Stunt Driver: The Definitive Guide To Becoming A Pro

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The Definitive Guide To Becoming A Professional Stunt Driver “Professional stunt driver” may be the greatest job title in history. I am not a Hollywood A-lister, but I’ve claimed the title of professional stunt driver several times. I’ve worked on many film projects and have been hired as a full time stunt driver on two…

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[WATCH] All of Robert Rodriguez’s 10 Minute Film School

Robert Rodriguez, 10 Minute Film School, robert rodriguez Guacamole Gun,

Robert Rodriguez’s 10 Minute Film Schools – ALL OF THEM I’ve been a huge fan of the way writer/director Robert Rodriguez makes his films. The almost total creative control within the studio system is remarkable. Before Youtube film schools there was the 10-minute film schools on every DVD release of any Robert Rodriguez film. These 10 minute film…

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Top Ten Best Screenplays Ever Written

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Top Ten Best Screenplays Ever Written If you want to be a screenwriter you have to read screenplays. There’s no better place to start than then reading the masters of the craft. The Writers Guild of America (WGA) published this list of the top ten best screenplays ever written and I would have to agree. My personal…

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George RR Martin: Master Class on Storytelling with the Creator of Games of Thrones

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George RR Martin: Master Class on Storytelling George RR Martin is one of the most beloved and hated storytellers of his generation. He’s best known for his international bestselling series of epic fantasy novels, A Song of Ice and Fire (FREE AUDIO BOOK VERSIONS HERE), which HBO later adapted for its dramatic HBO series entitled Game of Thrones. Ever since HBO released the Games of…

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How to Get Bad Ass Prop Guns for Your Film

When my team and I were making my first short film BROKEN (Watch it on Amazon Prime) and Lipstick and Bullets we really wanted to have functional and professional looking guns for the project. Obviously we weren’t going to use real guns and getting our hands on working prop guns was too cost prohibited. We knew we could create…

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