Sean Baker’s iPhone Short Film: Snowbird

snowbird short film, Sean Baker, Red Rocket, Sean Baker interview, Tangerine, The Florida Project

Between making remarkable features writer/director Sean Baker directs commercial and short films. Back in 2016 Sean directed a fashion short film called Snowbird. It was shot entirely on an iPhone for Kenzo SS16 starring supermodel Abbey Lee, with music by Jack and Kitty Norton. A little about Sean Baker: Sean Baker is a graduate of NYU’s Tisch…

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Film Movements in Cinema: Cinema Novo

Cinema Novo, Cinema Novo Movement

By the early 1960’s, some Brazilian filmmakers had their fill of traditional Brazilian cinema, which consisted of Hollywood-style epics, musicals, and comedies. A group of filmmakers decided that it was time to create something new and different, which was dubbed the Cinema Novo Movement (1963-1974). This new, different, and oft-times subversive style of filmmaking,  was inspired…

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Film Movements in Cinema: Free Cinema

free cinema movement, british new wave

During the waning years of 1950’s England, a group of documentarians arose to address pressing concerns, including poverty as seen through the eyes of working class citizens. The movement was dubbed The Free Cinema (1956-1959). Many Free Cinema movement filmmakers began as writers writers for leading film related publications, most notably Sequence and Sight & Sound.…

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How to Make Prop Money for Your Indie Film

If you are making an action film, thriller, or crime drama chances are you’ll need a briefcase FULL of prop movie cash at one point or another. To create a fake money supply, you must first decide how much cash you are going to use in your production. You should figure out what amount of…

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What is Mise en Scéne? – Definition and Examples

Working in the film business you hear many “inside” terms on a set like Apple box, MOS, montage don’t cross the line (to learn about the 180 degree line in a past article), etc. One such term is “Mise en Scene” or the translation “placing on stage.” This is a French expression that refers to…

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Color Correction vs Color Grading Process for Filmmakers

color grading, color correction, post production, colorists, post supervisor

So, what is color correction and what is color grading? How do they differ? What are the best practices and tips for each? We’ll go over the different types of color correction and grading tools available to you, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each. What Is Color Grading? Color grading is a process…

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Jason Reitman’s Short Film: Gulp

Jason Reitman, Jason Reitman short film, Jason Reitman Gulp

We all start somewhere and Ghostbusters: Afterlife writer/director Jason Reitman is no exception. Check out his 2001 short film Gulp. Synopsis: Francis has just changed his new fish’s water, and the fish is freaking out. Francis calls a pal who tells him the fish needs salt water, not fresh water, and hasn’t long to live;…

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