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Getting Attention from Influencers – My Roger Ebert Story

I always get asked by indie filmmakers:

“How do I get attention for my indie film?”

This is one of the major challenges facing indie filmmakers/entrepreneurs in today’s noisy independent film landscape. One fast way is to get an “influencer” to focus a little light on you or your project.

Now, this is much easier said than done. When I promote my projects I approach every online indie film influencer I can.

This includes indie film sites, niche sites (around your subject matter), industry news outlets, film magazines, movie fan websites, film festivals, podcasters, conventions, and movie reviewers.

This is how my films have been covered by over 300 international film websites, magazines, and news outlets. I was even featured in the best selling indie filmmaking book “Making Short Films: The Complete Guide from Script to Screen.”

I put my films and myself out there to be seen and consumed. I had many offers, meetings with Hollywood “players” and opportunities purely because I shouted from the top of the mountain about my projects.

BROKEN is essentially a demonstration of the mastery of horror imagery and techniques. Effective and professional.” – Roger Ebert (Chicago Sun-Times)

The number one question I get asked is:

“How the hell did you get Roger Ebert to review your little short film?”

In this podcast, I tell the story of how the legendary film critic Roger Ebert was so amazingly kind to a young filmmaker and my short film BROKEN (Watch it on Indie Film Hustle TV).

For those of you who are not familiar with Roger Ebert’s work, he was arguably the most famous and powerful American film critic during his lifetime. For decades filmmakers prayed for his famous “thumbs up” and feared his “thumbs down.”

He recently passed away but if you want to learn who this remarkable man was I would suggest you watch this amazing documentary on his life “Life Itself.” Check out the trailer below.

As the above trailer states:

“Roger Ebert gave life to new voices and gave life to new visions that reflected all the diversity of this nation”.

There will truly never be another Roger Ebert.

I want to use this story as a way to teach independent filmmakers two things:

  1. Put yourself in a place or arena that better your odds of accessing influencers and gatekeepers.
  2. Be ready when the opportunity presents itself.

My story is as much to do with luck as it does with being prepared. Luck and preparation are bedfellows on your journey as an indie filmmaker, as many successful filmmakers will tell you.

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