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Is the Hollywood Crash Coming?

Is the Hollywood Crash, Hollywood implosion, film trooper, steven spielberg

The Hollywood Crash Is Coming Soon…?? Is Hollywood about to crash? The eye of the storm of this crash could be movie theaters. People’s buying and viewing habits have changed dramatically over the last decade. The public generally doesn’t buy a full album to listen to a hot single anymore instead, they stream their favorite…

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DCP: What the HECK is a Digital Cinema Package?

Digital Cinema Package, DCP, Simple DCP, Post production Supervisor, Post production workflow, D Cinema

What the HECK is a Digital Cinema Package (DCP)? In its simplest form, Digital Cinema Package or more commonly known as a DCP could be seen as the digital version of a 35mm film print. Its main advantage is that you can present it to theaters to enable them to project it via a digital projector. A…

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How to Attach a Movie Star to Your Indie Film

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How to Attach a Movie Star to Your Indie Film So you have a screenplay or film idea that could definitely be financed and produced only if I could get a movie star attached and there’s the rub! Attaching a movie star at any level to a un-produced screenplay or indie film is the dream…

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Breaking Down Shane Carruth’s Enigmatic Film Upstream Color

PRIMER, Shane Carruth, Sundance Film Festival, Upstream Color

Breaking Down Shane Carruth’s Enigmatic Upstream Color Upstream Color is an indie science-fiction film written by Shane Carruth. He is best known for his 2004 debut movie ‘Primer’. His next film, Upstream Color first premiered  January 21, 2013, at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. Shortly after that a theatrical release in U.S.A on April 5,…

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Digital Box Office: New Streaming Platform Sparks Revolution for Indie Filmmakers

Digital box office, streaming service

Digital Box Office: New Streaming Platform Sparks Revolution for Indie Filmmakers We’ve just discovered a new global streaming platform that’s looking to completely disrupt the status quo of the traditional entertainment distribution model. Digital box office (DBO) which launched their public beta just a few weeks ago, is already currently streaming films in 256 countries/territories…

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