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What is a Film Business Plan? – The Ask Alex Show 005

What is a Film Business Plan?  Today’s Guest Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz: WATCH MORE IFH TV Watch the IFH Film School Breakdown Film’s Most Important Directors: The Directors Series  IFH Podcast on YouTube IFH TV Micro-Budget Case Study: This is Meg Sundance Film Festival Interviews Online Filmmaking & Screenwriting Courses SPONSORS BlackBox – Make Passive Income…

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IFH 203: How to Shoot & Sell Digital Series (The Bannen Way) with Mark Gantt

Mark Gantt, The Bannen Way, Crackle, Sony Pictures

How to Shoot & Sell Digital Series (The Bannen Way) with Mark Gantt Today’s guest is Mark Gantt. He’s a man of many talents, actor, director, writer, and producer. He’s best known for co-creating, producing and starring in the award-winning y for Sony Pictures Television.  Financed by Sony’s Crackle distribution arm, this unique web series/feature film…

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Indie Film Marketing: How to Design a Website for your Film

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Creating an Image for Your Project: Design a Website! Most filmmakers and artist do not even think about marketing or distribution when creating a new project. This is where many projects fail. The first line of defense in creating a brand or image around your project is YOUR WEBSITE. Now how do you Design a Website? Designing a…

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IFH 198: The AFM Wrap Up (Indie Film Hustle Edition)

The AFM Wrap Up (Indie Film Hustle Edition) I had the pleasure of attending this year’s AFM (The American Film Market). This was my first time actually walking the entire market. I met a ton of people, made great connections and really got the inside look at how films are sold internationally. In this episode,…

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IFH 197: Sundance Wants to Help You Distribute Your Indie Film with the Creative Distribution Fellowship

Sundance Creative Distribution Fellowship

Sundance Wants to Help You Distribute Your Indie Film…Really! Yup that’s right the Sundance Institute wants to help you distribute your film. Liz Manashil (listen to her interview here), the manager of the Sundance Creative Distribution Fellowship reached out to me to get the word out on the fellowship. It turns out that, believe or not, they…

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