IFH 014: Post Production Workflow – Understand it or DIE!

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Post Production Workflow – Understand it or DIE!

I know I’m being a bit dramatic when I say…

“Understand Post Production Workflow or DIE!”

…but I’ve seen and been involved with sooooooo many independent films that just die in post production because of one simple thing, they didn’t understand post production workflow.

Post Production Workflow is not a black art that only a few understand, granted it is getting more and more complicated these days but you as a indie filmmaker can still understand the basics.

Post Production Nightmare

Example: If you have a RED Dragon your director of photography can bring to the party when you’re shooting your film great! Now what you need to ask yourself is what that “FREE” RED Dragon is going to cost you in post production.

If you had a plan of editing your film on you laptop forget about it. The post production workflow for the RED Dragon 6K is a beast and you would not be able to edit at home. You would then need to hired an editor who can handle that workflow and understands where his work is going to next, color grading.

This is fine if you budgeted for an editor but if you have no more money and you have all this amazing footage sitting on hard drives then you are screwed. I’ve worked on films with major movie stars in it that fell into this trap.

I’m not even going to bring up visual effects, that’s another conversation entirely. Take a listen to this episode. I hope it shines a light on this dark little corner of independent film that is understanding your post production workflow.

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Action Items:

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