How to Get Bad Ass Prop Guns for Your Film


When my team and I were making my first short film BROKEN we really wanted to have functional and professional-looking guns for the project. Obviously, we weren't going to use real guns and getting our hands on working prop guns was too cost prohibited.

We knew we could create some badass muzzle flashes in visual effects but I wanted to have some practical guns on set, that had blowback, to enhance the VFX and ultimately make the guns fights to look real.

After doing a ton of research we discovered Airsoft Guns or “Air Guns”(our killer prop guns). These are basically jacked up BB guns. They range in price from $12-$50 for good looking plastic replica pistols (excellent for wide shots) $20-$95 for metal replica pistols with realistic blowback (great for close-ups).

You can also get some AMAZING looking replica rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, and even a grenade launcher. Crazy!

These guns added so much realism to the film. The combination of practical blowback with high-end visual effects was a killer combo.

Where to Find the Guns?

If you want to have real looking guns in your film then this is the way to go. We purchased most of our guns through a local Airsoft or Air Gun reseller, and eBay.

We even asked the local reseller if he had any broken guns in the back. He gave most of them to us for FREE and charged $5-$10 for $100 pistols. They didn't work but they look great on camera.

Click on any of the links below to get some examples of Airsoft weapons.

Airsoft Prop Gun – Pistols Metal Pistols (with Blow Back):

Airsoft Green Gas (Fuel for Blow Back)

Airsoft Prop Gun – Pistols (Non-Blow Back):
Good for background and nonfiring shots

Airsoft Prop Gun – Shotguns:

Airsoft Prop Gun – Rifles:

Airsoft Prop Gun – Grenade Launcher:

Airsoft Prop Gun – Sniper Rifle:

BONUS: Realistic Prop Knives & Prop Weapons

Please note: When using these guns on set you MUST have to assign someone on set to be responsible for all the prop guns. These guns might not be real but they can hurt people.

Also please check your state and city laws in regards to owning or using Airsoft guns. Always be responsible and safe.

If I may quote one of my favorite Christmas films:

“You'll shoot your eye out kid.” – A Christmas Story

It may be funny but it's true. Have fun and be careful.  Good luck and happy filming.