IFH 522: Inside Ghostbusters: Afterlife with Gil Kenan

ghostbusters:Afterlife, Gil Kenan

Who are you going to call? Yup that is right, we have on the show today to co-writer of the new installment in the Ghostbusters universe, Gil Kenan. Gil co-wrote Ghostbusters: Afterlife with his friend writer/director Jason Reitman. Check out the trailer below. From director Jason Reitman and producer Ivan Reitman, comes the next chapter…

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IFH 521: How to Create a Compelling Documentary with Julie Cohen & Betsy West

Julie Cohen & Betsy West, RBG, Julia

Today on the show we have Oscar® nominated documentarians Betsy West & Julie Cohen. Betsy West (Director/Producer) is an Academy Award®-nominated Emmy winning director/producer of RBG (Magnolia, Participant, CNN Films, 2018), along with Julie Cohen. Most recently, she and Cohen directed My Name is Pauli Murray (Participant/Amazon Studios), which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival…

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IFH 518: A Filmmaking and Screenwriting Masterclass with Oscar® Nominee John Sayles

John Sayles, Lone Star, Matewan

Today on the show we have legendary independent filmmaker and Oscar® nominated screenwriter John Sayles. John Sayles is one of America’s best known independent filmmakers, receiving critical acclaim for films including Eight Men Out (1988), Lone Star (1996) and Men with Guns (1997). He’s also written screenplays for mainstream films such as Passion Fish (1992), Limbo (1999), The Spiderwick Chronicles (2008) and…

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IFH 517: Editing for Directors with Gael Chandler

Television editor and author Gael Chandler is on the hot mic today.  Most of you may know by now that I started out in post as an editor. Anytime I have another editor on it’s like sailors recalling old battle stories, which are always very entertaining. It is a whole other world when a director…

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IFH 513: How I Write and Direct My Films with Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright, Last Night in Soho, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Edgar Wright interview, Edgar Wright podcast

In the house, today is the iconic screenwriter and director, of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Shaun of the Dead and Blockbuster hit, Baby Driver, Edgar Wright. Edgar has been on the scene making and writing satirical genre films, while also acting for almost thirty years.  He’s here today to talk about his most recent…

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IFH 507: How The Sopranos Changed Television with David Chase

Right-click here to download the MP3 The legacy of the crime drama television series, The Sopranos remains a defining art of storytelling for mob TV shows. We have the genius behind this hit TV series, David Chase as our guest today.  As expected, Chase is a twenty-five-time Emmy Awards-winner, seven times Golden Globes winner, and…

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