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Martin Scorsese Masterclass: Learn Directing from the Master

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Martin Scorsese Masterclass: Learn Directing from the Master Martin Scorsese drew his first storyboard when he was eight. Today he’s a legendary director whose films—from Mean Streets to The Wolf of Wall Street—have shaped movie history. In his first-ever online class, the Oscar winner teaches his approach to filmmaking, from storytelling to editing to working…

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Film Noir: Ultimate Guide to the Dark & Sexy Cinematic Style

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What is Film Noir? Film noir is a term in filmmaking that’s used predominantly to refer to classy Hollywood crime dramas, mainly the ones that emphasize sexual motivations and cynical attitudes. The Hollywood classical film noir era was said to have extended from the early 1940s to the late 50s. During this period, Film Noir…

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Switching from Final Cut Pro 7 to DaVinci Resolve 14

Final Cut Pro 7, DaVinci Resolve 14, switching from final cut pro 7

Switching from Final Cut Pro 7 to DaVinci Resolve 14 With the upcoming release of Mac OS “High Sierra” this month, it’s been announced that Apple’s Final Cut Pro 7 will no longer be supported (see here: Final Cut Pro is Officially Dead). So what about the 10 years of Final Cut Pro projects I…

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Top 10 Must Listen to Cinematography Podcasts

Cinematography Podcasts, Cinematography Podcast, DP podcast, DOP podcast , DOP, DP, Cinematographer, video cinematography

Indie Film Hustle’s Top 10 Cinematography Podcasts Cinematography Podcasts are like a free film school for aspiring or professional cinematographers. Indie Film Hustle has put together the Top Ten must listen to cinematography podcasts of the last year. From Oscar winners to cinema lens gurus, be sure to take notes because there are a ton…

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Quentin Tarantino Screenplays (Download)

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Quentin Tarantino Screenplays What can be said about Quentin Tarantino the screenwriter that hasn’t been said before? QT has, easily, one of the most unique and singular voice in the history of cinema. You may love him or hate him but you will remember him. Reading his screenplays is a masterclass in dialog, structure, and rhythm.…

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Christopher Nolan Screenplays (Download)

Christopher Nolan Screenplays, Christopher Nolan scripts, download screenplays, download scripts, reddit screenplays

Christopher Nolan Screenplays Christopher Nolan is one of the greatest filmmakers of his generation. Being a writer/director really sets him a part from his contemporaries. His screenplays are a master class in the craft. We decided to put together an easy resource for screenwriters and filmmakers to be able to download Christopher Nolan Screenplays and…

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Spike Jonze: Breaking Down His Visual & Storytelling Style

Spike Jonze, Sabotage, Being John Malkovich, Adaptation, Her, Three Kings, Being Human

Spike Jonze: Breaking Down His Visual & Storytelling Style Born as Adam Spiegel, on the 22nd of October 1969 in Rockville, Maryland this talented screenwriter, producer, director and actor grew up in Bethesda, Maryland and Gulph Mills in Pennsylvania. His father, Arthur H. Speigel happened to be a distant relative of Speigel Catalogue family making…

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[WATCH] What is Public Domain Video?

Public Domain Video, Stock footage, Public Domain photos, Public Domain photo, public domain film

What is Public Domain Video? Public domain video content refers to that which has no copyright restriction, meaning a content creator can use public domain video absolutely free and without having to ask permission to use it. This allows for an incredible amount of free content which can then be used to create a wide…

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