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IFH 136: How to Break into the Film Industry with Stage 32’s RB Botto

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How to Break into the Film Industry with Stage 32’s RB Botto

SPECIAL SUNDANCE EDITION of the Indie Film Hustle Podcast

One of my most downloaded episodes ever was my interview with Film Industry vet and CEO of, RB Botto (Click here to listen to that interview). Ever since then I’ve been wanting to bring him back on to the show. The stars aligned at Sundance and I didn’t just get him on the podcast but I also recorded the interview for the IFH YouTube Channel.

Here’s a bit on our guest:

Stage 32 is a US-based social network and educational site for creative professionals who work in film industry, television and theater. Stage 32 links professionals in the entertainment industry including directors, writers, actors and entertainment staff.

It caters to film industry professionals with featured bloggers, online education taught by industry professionals, news from Hollywood and filming locations around the world, Stage 32 meetups page, an online lounge and a film business jobs page that allows members to connect with others on film ventures, along with standard social media functions.

CEO and founder, Richard “RB” Botto, an Orson Welles fan, drew his inspiration for the name “Stage 32” from the old RKO Soundstage 17 where Citizen Kane was filmed. That sound stage is now Paramount’s Stage 32.

We had a ball talking and partying at Sundance this year. A lot has happened since our last interview. I’ve done over 100 more episodes of the podcast and Stage32 has grown into a juggernaut. Add the hangovers, snow storms and my co-host Sebastian Twardosz to the mix and you get a hell of an interview.

Curl up to a warm fire and enjoy our conversation with RB Botto.

All of these Sundance Series episodes are co-produced by Sebastian Twardosz from Circus Road Films and Media Circus.

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Private Placement Memorandum

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Stage 32, the leaders in online education for film creatives, is proud to present our First Annual Film Finance & Producing Conference. We understand that most film creatives are working off a strict budget and simply cannot afford the expenses related to attending in person conferences. Our First Annual Film Finance & Producing Conference is not only incredibly affordable  but can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.

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Action Items:

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  1. Dave Mansell on February 13, 2017 at 12:33 pm

    There were a couple books mentioned near the end at about 1:17:50 which were hard to hear. Could you post those titles? Thanks. This is one of my favourite episodes. I actually shared it with a musician I’m producing because some of this advice could apply equally to the music business. Great stuff.