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Call Sheet Template: FREE Filmmaking Production Documents

How do you make sure you and your crew know where they are going and what is happening on the day’s shoot. Enter the powerful Call Sheet.

It is usually created by the assistant director, by using the film director’s storyboards or shot list. The assistant director issues the call sheet to the crew and actors of the production to communicate to them when and where they should go for a specific day of shooting. The call time is also listed on the call sheet. This is the time when the cast and crew are expected to start working on the film set.

Call sheets also include other very useful info like the contact info (i.e. cell numbers of the film crew), what scenes are being filmed, the day’s schedule, and the location’s or sound stage’s address. Call sheets also have info about parking, safety notes, and actor transportation.

Call sheets most often provide info regarding the day’s shooting location. You’ll find items like sunrise/sunset times, the day’s expected weather, and where the local hospitals/restaurants are on standard call sheets.

A great FREE Call Sheet is by Set Scouter: Click Here to Access

I wanted to share with you a call sheet template that will help you organize your shoot. The good folks over at Cast and Crew Call (The Bui Brothershave created a very easy-to-use call sheet template.

Here are two versions of the call sheet template, the first is an extremely complete two-page version, the second is a simplified one-page version. Here is what the two-page version (available in Excel versions) looks like:

Here’s the Google Doc one page version

Check out the free call sheet template to download the templates. I’ve also included two video to really explain how to use a call sheet. Happy Shooting.

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