IFH 013: Inside the Edit with Paddy Bird

I’ve been an editor now for over twenty years. When I was starting out I looked everywhere for some course, … Read more

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IFH 012: How to Turn Your Indie Film into a Business

So many independent film creators just want to think of themselves as artists. That’s perfectly fine but it’s called show business for … Read more

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IFH 011: How to Produce Your First Feature Film – Part 2

Here’s part two of my interview with Suzanne Lyons. This week on the show I’m excited to have uber independent … Read more

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IFH 010: How to Produce Your First Feature Film – Part 1

In this episode (Part 1 of 2) I’m excited to have uber independent film producer Suzanne Lyons. She has been … Read more

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IFH 009: Suki Medencevic ASC & the Art of Cinematography

I have found over the years that cinematography is one of the biggest technical issues in independent film. Someone borrows … Read more

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IFH 008: Karl Iglesias – How to Create an Emotional Impact

This week we were lucky enough to have as our guest screenwriting guru Karl Iglesias. He has written award-winning books including The … Read more

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IFH 007: Dov Simens – American Greatest Film Teacher

I’m so excited to have on the show this week Dov Simens, founder of Hollywood Film Institute. He created the remarkable … Read more

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IFH 006: Indie Film VFX Masterclass with Dan Cregan

In this episode, we tackle what visual effects artists can do to help you in your indie film. Visual Effects in … Read more

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IFH 005: Do I Need to Move to Los Angeles to Make It?

So you want to move to Los Angeles and make it big in Hollywood. The question is, should you? Do … Read more

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IFH 004: What’s a Producer’s Rep and Can They Help You?

A good producer’s rep is an advocate for your film. They can get you indoors that you wouldn’t be able to … Read more

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