IFH 034: VFX Supervisor: Their Role & How They Can Help Your Film

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 VFX Supervisor: Their Role & How They Can Help Your Film

How can a VFX Supervisor make your indie film’s VFX shine? I’ve been a VFX Supervisor on multiple feature films, shorts, commercial and music videos. My job was to get the shots the director wanted executed at a very high standard and of course on budget.

The official definition of a visual effects or VFX supervisor is:

VFX Supervisors are responsible for achieving the creative aims of the director and/or producers through the use of visual effects.

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Specific responsibilities the a VFX Supervisor vary depending on budget, scope and the nature of the production, however most VFX supervisors:

  • Handle a VFX project from the start of the project through to completion
  • They oversee the technical, artistic, and production personnel on the visual effect team
  • Possess a knowledge of various VFX techniques including an emphasis on camera set-ups and film knowledge with an eye for composition and camera work.
  • Accurately predict timing and budget associated with the project
  • Collaborate with production on the bidding and the negotiation processes

I’ve seen many independent films come through my doors at Numb Robot with VFX dreams in their eye but also with no understanding or budget on how to achieve them; that’s where a good VFX Supervisor comes in.

In this episode I breakdown what a VFX Supervisor does and also the things indie filmmakers need to understand before creating Jurassic World in their backyard.

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