IFH 029: Stage 32 – Blueprint for Making it in the Film Business with Richard “RB” Botto

Have you ever wanted an easy blueprint to make it in the film business? I know I have. Well, you … Read more

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IFH 028: How Quentin Tarantino is Keeping Film Alive with The Hateful Eight

Ah, the good ol’ digital vs film debate. Well, you won’t get any of that in the article or podcast. … Read more

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IFH 027: Kico Velarde – From Broke Editor to Emmy Winner

The Cinderella story that is Kico Velarde’s life is remarkable. From being a struggling out of work editor to becoming the toast … Read more

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IFH 026: Is Film School Really Worth the Cost…NO!

Film school, is it worth it? Let me start by saying that I’m a big believer in education and constant … Read more

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IFH 024: How I Made Over $90,000 Selling my Short Film + Video Tutorials

Making a Short film can be tough but selling a short film can be impossible. Here’s my story on how … Read more

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IFH 023: Crowdfunding Your Indie Film Like a Pro with Emily Best

Crowdfunding has always been a mystery to me. I never really understood how Filmtrepreneurs could raise $50,000, $100,000 or $1,000,000 to … Read more

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IFH 022: Does Your Indie Film Have an Audience?

I’m never surprised anymore when I speak to filmmakers or Filmtrepreneurs and ask them one simple but powerful question, Does … Read more

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IFH 021: Wakaliwood: Uganda’s Quentin Tarantino

Imagine you were back in the early 1900s when the film industry was a newborn. People were learning and experimenting … Read more

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IFH 020: Why Indie Filmmakers Should NOT Shoot with a 4K Camera!

(Unless you can handle the workflow) Now I’m not talking about the compress 4k files you get from a DSLR … Read more

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IFH 019: How to Make Terrifying Horror Films with Edwin Pagan

Making scary independent horror films in the current marketplace is difficult to say the least. Today’s sophisticated audiences are getting harder … Read more

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