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IFH 209: Directing Studio Feature Films in Hollyweird with Demian Lichtenstein

Demian Lichtenstein, 3000 Miles to Graceland, Futurism Entertainment

Directing Studio Feature Films in Hollyweird with Demian Lichtenstein

Today’s guest is director Demian Lichtenstein. I had the pleasure of being on a panel with Demian at a film festival a few weeks ago. His generous approach to sharing his experience, knowledge and Hollywood war stories was breathtaking. I had to have him on the show to drop some knowledge and truth bombs on the IFH Tribe.

Demian has amassed a vast body of work in the music video industry since receiving his BFA from New York University in 1988, leading to his current status as a feature film director. Some past projects include directing Music Videos for Sting & Eric Clapton, Grandmaster Caz, Shabba Ranks, Queen Latifah, West of Eden (Best Independent Video/MTV 1987), Cypress Hill, Gloria Estefan, Sony, Warner Bros, Columbia Pictures, MCA, Epic, Island, Atlantic, Tommy Boy, IRS Records, World Hunger Project, and the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Demian is a member of the DGA (Director’s Guild of America) and was Chairman of the New York Independent Film Coalition for two years and has directed, produced, written, photographed, taped and/or recorded audio on over 225 features, short films, music videos, commercials, and concerts.

Demian Lichtenstein directed the cult classic 3000 Miles to Graceland starring Kevin Costner, Kurt Russell, and Christian Slater.

He also shadowed James Cameron on the set of Avatar for a bit but we’ll get into that as well. Enjoy my conversation with Demian Lichtenstein.

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