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IFH 263: From Avengers to Shooting Improv Indie Films with Cobie Smulders

Cobie Smulders, Alright Now

From Avengers to Improv Indie Films with Cobie Smulders

Today’s guest is actress Cobie Smulders. You may recognize Cobie from blockbuster films like The Avengers, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Winter Soldier and Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. She’ll also be in the new Spidey film Spider-Man: Far from Home. I’ve been a fan of Cobie’s for a while now. Her ability to jump from mega-blockbuster to ultra-low budget indie film has always fascinated me.

One of the main reasons I wanted to chat with Cobie was to discuss her new film Alright Now. What makes her new film unique is that it was shot 100% Improv-style, just like I shot my film This is Meg and On the Corner of Ego and Desire. I wanted to see why an actress used to shooting big studio tentpoles would be attracted to making a low budget improv indie in the UK. What was her experience being out there acting with no net. Also what it was like working with Jamie Adams (who will be a guest in the show soon), the writer/director of Alright Now. Here’s a bit about the film:

ALRIGHT NOW follows Joanne (Cobie Smulders, “How I Met Your Mother, Avengers”) a rock musician who drunkenly enrolls in college after she breaks up with her boyfriend and her band falls apart. Convinced she will give the youngsters a run for their money, Joanne is shocked to discover that no one knows who she is and they could care less about her rock star past. Completely improvised and Directed by Jamie Adams (Black Mountain Poets), ALRIGHT NOW is a feel-good comedy about love, life and the search for new beginnings.

Enjoy my conversation with actress Cobie Smulders.

Alright Now is out Sept 9th on VOD from Gravitas Ventures. 

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