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IFH 047: Yancey Arias – How to Make It as a Working Actor

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Yancey Arias – How to Make It as a Working Actor

Want to learn how to make it as a working actor? Well studying actor, producer and director Yancey Arias would not be a bad start. I met Yancey Arias years ago and since have worked on several projects together. I’ve always admired how Yancey was able to always keep working.

To date Yancey Arias has over 70 acting credits in film, television and Broadway. His credit list is kind of nuts:

I just got tired of typing, his credit list is impressive to say the least. He’s also worked on huge studio tentpoles live Live Free or Die Hard, Time Machine and the Hands of Stone starring Robert DeNiro.

His first big break came in the Broadway production of Miss Saigon in 1992, which he worked on in different capacities for several years. His breakout role was on NBC’s Mini-Series Kingpin playing the lead Miguel Cadena, which was viewed by 25 million people.

I sat down with Yancey while he was in between setups on the hit show Marvel’s Agents of Shield. He’ll be popping up on the show in 2016. I really wanted to get a seasoned actor’s perspective on what it takes to make it in Hollywood.

We also discuss his work on indie films, his new life as a director and producer with his production company NYC Films and much more. Enjoy!

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