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IFH 124: What is Your Film Really Worth?

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What is Your Film Really Worth?

So you are thinking of making an indie film or you’ve just finished making one…now what? When filmmakers go on the long journey of making a feature film they rarely ask the question that could make or break the success of the movie,

“What is my film worth in the marketplace?”

Before you begin the process of making your film ask the following questions?

  • What is your film worth?
  • Who is your market?Is it in a genre that can sell itself without stars?
  • Do your actors have any market value overseas or domestically?
  • Does the budget justify all of the above?
  • What’s the tipping point as far as the budget is concerned for a drama or comedy with no stars?
  • What is your distribution plan?
  • Have you spoken to a distributor yet to see what they are looking for?

In this episode, I discuss the questions that most filmmakers don’t want to ask themselves but knowing the answer is imperative.

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