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Do You Need an Agent or Talent Agency to Make it in Hollywood?

Is an agent or talent agency needed to make it in Hollywood? Well, it helps! Seriously, this is a question I get asked all the time.

In this episode, I go over what you need to do to get an agent and also help you figure out if you need one right now. Below are the seven major talent agencies in Hollywood.

APA Talent Agency

Size: 3,400 clients; 325 employees (210 agents, 15 managing partners); offices in Los Angeles, New York, and Nashville

Origin story: Founded in 1962 by former MCA agents David BaumgartenRoger Vorce and Harvey Litwin.

CAA Talent Agency

Size: About 5,000 clients; 1,500+ employees; 11 offices worldwide, including in China

Origin story: Founded in 1975 by William Morris agents Mike RosenfeldMichael OvitzRon MeyerBill Haber, and Rowland Perkins.

GERSH Talent Agency

Size: About 2,000 clients; 175 employees (75 agents, 16 partners); offices in L.A. and New York

Origin story: Founded in 1949 by Phil Gersh.

ICM PARTNERS Talent Agency

Size: 4,500+ clients; 400+ employees (200+ agents and execs, 40 partners); four offices

Origin story: Formed in 1975 with the merger of Creative Management Associates and International Famous Agency.

PARADIGM Talent Agency

Size: 2,500 clients; 370+ employees (160 agents); six offices

Origin story: Founded in 1992 by Sam Gores through the mergers and acquisitions of several boutiques

UTA Talent Agency

Size: 3,000+ clients; 500 employees (200 agents, 46 partners); offices in L.A. and New York

Origin story: Founded in 1991 with the merger of Bauer-Benedek and Leading Artists.

WME | IMG Talent Agency

Size: 4,000+ clients; nearly 5,000 employees (200 agents) in 25+ countries

Origin story: WME | IMG was founded in 2014 with the merger of IMG and WME, which was founded in 2009 with the takeover of William Morris by upstart Endeavor.

Hope this episode helps you out on your journey to get an agent. Good luck!

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