IFH 101: How to Record Audio for Your Indie Film on the CHEAP!

I was lost when it came time to record audio for my film. So since my podcast on How to Build … Read more

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IFH 100: Aaron Kaufman – Producing Robert Rodriguez & Directing James Bond

I can’t believe we’re here: Episode 100! This is incredible! Well, the first IFH Podcast episode went live in September 2015. That’s a … Read more

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IFH 099: How to Write a Screenplay FAST with Jeff Bollow

Have you ever wanted to learn how to write a screenplay fast? I know I do. This is why I … Read more

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IFH 098: How to Build a Pimp’d Out BlackMagic Cinema Camera Rig on the CHEAP!

When I began my filmmaking journey with my first feature film, This is Meg, I had no idea what camera I’d be … Read more

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IFH 097: Doug Richardson – Screenwriting Bad Boys, Die Hard 2 & Making It in Hollyweird

Can you imagine having a front-row seat to the start of the filmmaking careers of Will Smith, Bruce Willis, and Michael Bay? Well, … Read more

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IFH 095: How to Break-Through Your Fear & Shoot Your First Feature Film

Fear, the one thing that stops most indie filmmakers from moving forward and following their dreams. Fear of shooting their first … Read more

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IFH 094: From Dusk Till Dawn to Nickelodeon with Director Joe Menendez

This week on the show we have the very talented director Joe Menendez. Joe is an award-winning filmmaker of both a successful feature filmRead more

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IFH 093: How to Brand and Build an Audience Using Social Media

So I had the pleasure of speaking at the HollyShorts! Film Festival at a “fireside chat” with my brotha from another mutha RB … Read more

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IFH 092: Why Having No Budget Makes You a Better Filmmaker

What is this guy talking about? No budget = better filmmaker? He must be nuts. Well, I’ll have to disagree with … Read more

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IFH 090: Life After Winning Sundance with Diane Bell

I always talk about not counting on the “lottery ticket” mentality that so many filmmakers today count on. Winning SundanceRead more

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