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IFH 169: How to Make Money Renting Your Film Gear with ShareGrid

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How to Make Money Renting Your Film Gear with ShareGrid’s Brent Barbano

Have you ever wanted to make a little extra cash with that film gear sitting in your closet? Have you ever wanted o rent that new Arri ALEXA but were afraid you couldn’t afford it? Well, I came across the solution for both problems, it’s call ShareGrid.

ShareGrid is a per to per community, think Airbnb for filmmakers, that allows list film gear for rental or rent gear directly from other filmmakers with instant insurance. I reached out to Brent Barbano, co-founder of Sharegrid to discuss how he built this community up, talk about how to be a working cinematographer and just talk shop.

Heres a couple of videos explain what ShareGrid is all about.

Enjoy my conversation with ShareGrid Co-Founder Brent Barbano.

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