IFH 080: FREE Crowdfunding Course & Why I Choose Seed & Spark.com

With all the choices out there to crowdfund your film, it can get kinda crazy! Kickstarter and Indiegogo are the … Read more

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IFH 079: From Micro Budget to Million Dollar Budget Films with Christian Sesma

Many indie filmmakers dream of going from micro-budget to million dollar budget films. Well, my friends in this week’s episode I’ve … Read more

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IFH 078: Follow Your Passion, No Matter What!

This is a special episode of the podcast guys. I recently had a good friend of mine pass, Allan Wertheim. He … Read more

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IFH 077: Acting & the Art of Being Yourself with Adrian Martinez

Being yourself in any situation in life is hard for many people. Actors do make a living playing other people but … Read more

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IFH 076: How to Blaze Your Own Path in the Film Industry

Have you been banging your head against the wall trying to figure out what you need to do to break … Read more

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IFH 074: How to Make Money TODAY Selling Your Film with Amazon!

We making money selling your short film, feature film or web series just got a whole lot easier. Amazon.com has thrown its … Read more

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IFH 073: Film Gear in Cinematography Today with Ernesto Lomeli

Oh, the dilemma! What film gear should I use for my film? Which camera will give me the look I … Read more

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IFH 072: How Marketable is Your Film Idea or Screenplay?

So how marketable is your film idea or screenplay? I know so many screenwriters and filmmakers who spend months and … Read more

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IFH 071: Save the Cat – Screenwriting Story Structure Made Easy

Why would you want to ‘Save the Cat’? If you are a screenwriter or aspiring one you should have heard by … Read more

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IFH 070: A Filmmaker’s Focus – Podcast Interview with Alex Ferrari

So this week I’m doing something different. I occasionally get asked to be guest on other people’s podcasts. In this … Read more

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