IFH 069: How to Make $500,000 Selling a No Budget DSLR Indie Film with Michael Polish

I’m always looking for indie filmmaking models to study. I like to analyze how other filmmakers make successful indie films … Read more

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IFH 068: Do You Need a Movie Star to Sell Your Indie Film?

Being in post-production for over 20 years, many films have walked through my doors. Some with huge movie stars that … Read more

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IFH 067: Film Festival Secrets – How to Crack the Festival Code

Submitting to film festivals is torture. Did I get in? Did the programmer watch it yet? When will I know? … Read more

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IFH 066: What Really is an Independent Film?

This is a question I’ve been asked many times. “What is an Independent Film?” Is George Lucas an independent filmmaker? He … Read more

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IFH 065: Lloyd Kaufman & Troma: How I Make Money Selling Movies

What can I say about Lloyd Kaufman? Director. Writer. Producer. Indie Filmmaker. Innovator. Nice guy. Pain in the ass of mainstream … Read more

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IFH 064: No One Gives a $#*% What You Shoot Your Film On!

OK, so before I get bombarded with hate email please hear me out. I was speaking to my filmmaker inner … Read more

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IFH 063: The Walking Dead – Working on the Dead Set

If you are a Walking Dead fan you are going to LOVE this episode. If you ever wanted to know what an assistant director … Read more

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IFH 062: Top 5 Film Festival SCAMS Filmmakers Need to Be Aware Of!

I’ve been at a fair share of film festivals in my life and I’ve submitted to many more than I’ve … Read more

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IFH 061: Chris Vogler – Screenwriting & The Writer’s Journey Blueprint

If you have seen Star Wars then you know Joseph Campbell‘s work. If you ever have seen The Lion King then you have seen one … Read more

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IFH 060: Should You Work for Deferred Payment or Back End Points?

An Indie Film Hustle Tribe member recently asked me “Should You Work for Deferred Payment or Back End Points?” Believe … Read more

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