IFH 122: What “Hamilton the Musical” Can Teach Indie Filmmakers

Right-click here to download the MP3 If you have been living underneath a rock you probably haven’t heard of the … Read more

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IFH 121: Joshua Caldwell – The Art of the $6000 Feature Film

Right-click here to download the MP3 I had the pleasure of meeting Joshua Caldwell, a brother in “indie filmmaking” arms. He … Read more

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IFH 120: What the HECK is a Scriptment?

So what is a Scriptment? I found it to be a liberating form of prepping a story to be filmed? When … Read more

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IFH 119: Ask Alex – E&O Insurance, Music Rights and Copyright Oh My!

So after last week’s huge success of the “Ask Alex” segment, I decided to bring it back this week. The IFH Tribe … Read more

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IFH 118: Kevin Smith, John Milius & Directing John Malkovich with Zak Knutson

This week we have Zak Knutson on the show. Zak is a producer/writer/director/editor based out of Los Angeles. In 2005 he co-founded Chop … Read more

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IFH 117: Ask Alex – I’m Making My First Feature Film…HELP!

So this episode is going to be fun. I’m starting a new segment I call “Ask Alex.” Yes, I know … Read more

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IFH 116: Fast and Cheap: Lessons Learned for the No-Budget Feature Film

In this week’s episode, I go way back to a simpler time, the 90s, and discuss the lessons we can … Read more

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IFH 115: How to Shoot Video That Doesn’t Suck with Steve Stockman

In this week’s episode, we have Steve Stockman. Steve is an author/writer/director/producer at Custom Productions, Inc. in Los Angeles.  He’s created and … Read more

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IFH 114: The Six Stages of Character Development with Michael Hauge

This week we have a returning guest, screenwriting guru Michael Hauge. In this episode, he discussed The Six Stages of Character … Read more

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IFH 113: Post Production Process: Understand It or Die

Filmmaking is a long process and is divided into three stages. The first stage is pre-production stage, the second one … Read more

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