IFH 250: How NOT to Make an Independent Film

Independent Film

How NOT to Make an Independent Film

We are here! Episode #250! I can’t believe we got here. I’m humbled that the IFH Tribe has allowed me to continue this show for almost three years now. I wanted to do something special for episode #250 so today I’m going to talk about How NOT to Make an Independent Film. After being a part of over 60 features films and studying hundreds more I’ve noticed a few things that filmmakers should avoid.

This is not all just doom and gloom I promise. I also go over what I think the future of independent film is and how you can be a part of it. So please enjoy this episode and I hope it’s of value to you on your filmmaking journey. Keep on hustlin’!

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Joshua Caldwell, Josh Caldwell, Layover, Nervous, Being Somebody, South Beach, Seattle International Film Festival, SIFF, RESIGNATION, Dig, Negative, Micro budget film
Joshua Caldwell, Josh Caldwell, Layover, Nervous, Being Somebody, South Beach, Seattle International Film Festival, SIFF, RESIGNATION, Dig

Liz Manashil, Bread and Butter, Bobby Moynihan, Lauren Lapkus, Saturday Night Live, SNL, The Orchid

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