IFH 040: Knowing When to Work for FREE in the Film Industry

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Knowing When to Work for FREE in the Film Industry

So I know working in the film industry can be tough. Breaking in is even tougher. Many people tell you you have to work for free or intern somewhere to get a foot in the door. Now those people aren’t totally wrong.

The question is when do you work for free? When is trading your time, energy and effort really worth it? In this episode I break down when you should work for free or cheap and when you need to stand your ground and get paid.

This episode is not just for film students. I tell you my story of when I got to Los Angeles and what I choose to do and why even after having 10 years of experience, credits and work under my belt. Enjoy this eye opening episode.

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  1. Ângelo Varela on January 19, 2016 at 1:45 pm

    I discover you today and I really enjoy your podcast!! Great job. About this podcast, like everyone I had problems like (should I do for free? And why?) and what you said just help me more. Great job I just ear like 5 podcast today!