IFH 187: How to Create an Amazon Prime Series with Chris Sobchak

Amazon prime series, Please Tell Me I’m Adopted!, Chris Sobchak

How to Create an Amazon Prime Series with Chris Sobchak

This week on the show we have filmmaker Chris Sobchak. Chris co-created an Amazon Prime Series with star Nicole Sobchack, Please Tell Me I’m Adopted! follows free-spirited, wide-eyed, disaster magnet Tiffany who is forced to move in with her newly married sister, roping them into crazy, often culturally-current escapades with outrageous and hilarious consequences. What began as a project for a sketch comedy class is now an original short-form comedy series, which premiered exclusively on Amazon on March 6, 2017.

The entire production was crowdfunded by friends, family and even strangers, so it was important for Executive Producer Chris Sobchak to keep costs down as much as possible. This led to him and Nicole doing the entire post process through Davinci Resolve, including CGI, sound design, VFX, color and editing, themselves (read this for more info on my experience editing my feature This is Meg on Davinci Resolve).

Check out the trailer below.

The project took about two years to complete, with Chris needing to do some of the work on the road while working as the Drum and Percussion Technician for Elton John.

Enjoy my conversation with Chris Sobchak.

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