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IFH 066: What Really is an Independent Film?

The Declaration of Independent Filmmaking, Michael Polish, Mark Polish, The Polish Brothers

So What Really is an Independent Film?

This is a question I’ve been asked many times.

“What is an Independent Film?”

Is George Lucas an independent filmmaker? He did make all his films outside the studio system and paid for them all out of his pocket. Is the $8000 horror feature created to with the sole purpose to be sold an independent film? Is the five million dollar film starring a major movie star that worked for scale an independent film?

The Declaration of Independent Filmmaking, Michael Polish, Mark Polish, The Polish Brothers, independent film



The Declaration of Independent Filmmaking written by Mark and Michael Polish is a book I’m current reading and has an entire chapter dedicated to the topic. I discuss the question, in depth, in this episode. We are all indie filmmakers but are we making independent films? Take a listen.

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Action Items:

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