Hollywood Directing MasterClass: How to Shoot a Killer Foot Chase

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Hollywood Directing MasterClass: How to Shoot a Killer Foot Chase

Do you want a high production and exciting action sequence in your film? Fast and Furious a bit out of your budget? Then do what Kathryn Biglow did in the 90’s action masterpiece Point Break…shoot a foot chase.

A foot chase can add a ton of production value and adrenaline to your film. It’s also SUPER CHEAP to shoot one. Directing and camera movement guru Gil Bettman breaks down the Point Break foot chase in the video below. Get ready to take notes.

This video on how to shoot a foot chase is from Gil Bettman’s best selling online course: Hollywood Film & Television Directing Masterclass (EXCLUSIVE 80% OFF)

In this online course, you’ll learn When to Move the Camera in your next film and video production. The key here is that camera movement must be invisible. It should serve the story without calling attention to itself. Next, learn How To Move the Camera most effectively by systematically fulfilling Five Tasks when designing each moving master shot. Finally, learn how a master of visual design like Zemeckis customizes his application of these Five Tasks to the unique demands of each scene.

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