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A One of a Kind Cinema Lens Resource

As many of IFH Tribe knows I’ve been secretly plotting my next feature film. Trying to push myself past where I’ve been before as a filmmaker. One key part of my next few feature films will be the camera and lens choice I’ll be making to tell my stories. In doing research I came across this AMAZING resource that any serious filmmaker needs to watch.

The Vintage Cinema Lens Library presented by friend of the show Matthew Duclos (listen to his podcast episode here), Old Fast Glass and ShareGrid.

Vintage Camera Lens Library – 40 Lenses For You To Compare

From the library: As a modern cinematographer and filmmaker, it’s important to research and test the glass you plan on using for your next project. However, it can be difficult and expensive to do so. That’s why a bunch of lens enthusiasts banned together over a weekend for one purpose…to educate. We wanted to not only learn for ourselves but to share our findings with the cinematography world! Enjoy!

See side-by-side comparisons of 40 of the most popular vintage lenses in modern cinematography.


  • RED Epic Dragon
  • 6K HD
  • DRAGONcolor2
  • REDgamma4
  • ISO – 500
  • White Balance – 3200K
  • Lighting – Incandescent
  • No Color Grading
  • No Sharpening

Bokeh Chart

Every cinematographer should understand what bokeh is. Since the advent of cinematic lensing, we have seen an incredible array of different types of bokeh. It’s often an overlooked quality by filmmakers but thanks to vintage glass, studying and discussing bokeh is “cool” again.

bo·keh bōˈkā – The visual quality of the out-of-focus areas of a photographic image, especially as rendered by a particular lens.

“These lenses were in the test mostly as a benchmark to compare the other lenses to. When Master Primes came out, they represented the pinnacle of Zeiss optical engineering. The image they create is about as close to “perfect” as you can get, which has given them a reputation of being “clinical.” I don’t feel that way about them. Good glass is good glass, and they are gorgeous. They have very little in common with the vintage lenses in this test, but that makes them so useful to use as a comparison. – Mark LaFleur

You can check out the FULL Vintage Cinema Lens Library over at ShareGrid.

BTW, ShareGrid is a pretty amazing service. It’s a peer-to-peer marketplace where creatives can rent gear and resources to and from other artists. With instant integrated insurance, they offer a pain-free way to rent gear! An indie filmmakers’ dream.

Also if you are a cinematographer or filmmaker that is interested in lights, cameras and lenses then make sure you check out Cinematography Database. It is ALL THINGS CINEMATOGRAPHY and I watch it weekly! Below is his video on the Vintage Cinema Lens Library.

Please note: I was not compensated in any way by any of the companies or peeps I spoke about in the post.

If you like Vintage Camera Lens Library – Compare over 40 Cinema Lenses, then click below:

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