IFH 094: From Dusk Till Dawn to Nickelodeon with Director Joe Menendez

This week on the show we have the very talented director Joe Menendez. Joe is an award-winning filmmaker of both a successful feature filmRead more

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IFH 092: Why Having No Budget Makes You a Better Filmmaker

What is this guy talking about? No budget = better filmmaker? He must be nuts. Well, I’ll have to disagree with … Read more

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IFH 088: Why Filmmakers are Always So Damn Broke & What They Can Do to Change It

I hope I got your attention with that title. I’m truly PISSED OFF guys and am tired of seeing my fellow indie filmmakersRead more

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IFH 073: Film Gear in Cinematography Today with Ernesto Lomeli

Oh, the dilemma! What film gear should I use for my film? Which camera will give me the look I … Read more

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IFH 069: How to Make $500,000 Selling a No Budget DSLR Indie Film with Michael Polish

I’m always looking for indie filmmaking models to study. I like to analyze how other filmmakers make successful indie films … Read more

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IFH 068: Do You Need a Movie Star to Sell Your Indie Film?

Being in post-production for over 20 years, many films have walked through my doors. Some with huge movie stars that … Read more

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IFH 067: Film Festival Secrets – How to Crack the Festival Code

Submitting to film festivals is torture. Did I get in? Did the programmer watch it yet? When will I know? … Read more

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IFH 038: Stop Obsessing Over Film Gear & Start Making Movies!

OK, I wanted to start off the new year on the right foot. Over the course of my career, I’ve … Read more

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IFH 032: How a Post-Production Supervisor Can Save Your Butt!

So how can a Post-Production Supervisor save your butt? Well, I’ve been a Post-Production Supervisor for over 15 years and have seen a … Read more

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IFH 026: Is Film School Really Worth the Cost…NO!

Film school, is it worth it? Let me start by saying that I’m a big believer in education and constant … Read more

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