Top 20 Female Director Podcasts (Emmy® & Sundance Winners)

IFH always like to highlight a diverse group of filmmakers from all walks of life. We put together the topRead more

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IFH 607: From Sundance Hit The Puffy Chair to Mack & Rita with Katie Aselton

Today on the show we have Katie Aselton. She is an acclaimed actor and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. She may … Read more

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Eva Longoria, La Guerra Civil, Sundance

IFH 551: Sundance 2022 – La Guerra Civil with Eva Longoria

Today we have the award-winning actress, director, producer, entrepreneur and activist by the name of Eva Longoria. Eva Longoria has … Read more

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IFH 549: Sundance 2022 – God’s Country with Julian Higgins

Julian Higgins is a Los Angeles-based director, writer, and producer. His first feature, GOD’S COUNTRY – a neo-Western thriller starring … Read more

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Sundance, Chloe Okuno, The Watcher

IFH 548: Sundance 2022 – The Watcher with Chloe Okuno

Well Sundance 2022 has begun and so has our coverage. Today on the show we have writer/director Chloe Okuno. Chloe … Read more

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IFH 499: From Sundance Sleeper Hit To Blockbuster Career

Right-click here to download the MP3 It’s always way fun to have a guest who is also a fan of … Read more

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IFH 491: Inside the Soulful Sundance Hit Nine Days with Edson Oda

Right-click here to download the MP3 I had the pleasure of watching acclaimed director, Edson Oda’s knockout feature directorial debut, … Read more

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IFH 453: Clerks, Sundance and Making $500 Million+ at the Box-Office with Scott Mosier

You guys are in for a major treat. I’m always talking about those “lottery ticket” filmmaker stories that we all … Read more

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IFH 438: Selling Palm Springs for $17.5 Million at Sundance with Max Barbakow

I believe that most indie filmmakers have a dream of making a feature film, getting accepted to the Sundance Film … Read more

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Mark & Jay Duplass’ $3 Sundance Short Film: This is John

Why is it that it can be the simplest things in life that eliminate your self-worth. That seven-minute short film, … Read more

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