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IFH 102: How to Production Design Your Indie Film on the CHEAP!

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How to Production Design Your Indie Film on the CHEAP!

What if I told you you could production design an entire house with for a hundred bucks. Can’t believe it? How about if I throw in labor, delivery, setup and guys will come and pickup all the furniture when you’re done? I didn’t believe either until I did it.

In this episode I discuss the little loop hole/trick I used to furnish an entire house for my film BROKEN. You can get thousands of dollars worth of high end furniture, appliances, computers, televisions, lamps, tables, dining sets, bedroom sets and all sorts of accessories for pennies on the dollar.

Now this solution is not for every film. If you are doing a period piece or drug den this ain’t for you. This technique will work for contemporary decor and it works great.

Are you drooling yet? Want to know the secret? Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most powerful ones. Take a listen to this short episode and find out. You won’t regret it.

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