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IFH 105: Secrets of Indie Film Producing with Suzanne Lyons

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Secrets of Indie Film Producing with Suzanne Lyons

This week on the show we have a returning guest, Indie Film Producing guru Suzaane Lyons.

Suzanne Lyons is president/producer of Snowfall Films, Inc. and to date has produced or exec produced twelve feature films with budgets that range from $200,000 to $10 million.  Suzanne has worked with talent that including Brenda Blethyn, Christopher Walken, Naomi Watts, Alfred Molina, James Caan, Dean Cain, Ariel Winter, Susan Sarandon, Donald Sutherland, Ellen Burstyn, Jennifer Tilly, Jon Lovitz, Asia Argento, Winona Ryder, Peter Fonda, Ed Begley, Jr. and more.

Suzanne’s films have won a gamut of awards and festivals from the prestigious BAFTA award, a premier at the Directors Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival, best picture at Shockerfest, the UK Horror Fest and acceptance into the Toronto, Berlin. LA and Montreal Film Festivals.

In addition to her work as a film producer, Suzanne designed and ran the film school, Flash Forward Institute, with a focus on marketing oneself in the industry. She has guest lectured at over 60 industry events, guilds and organization. In 2012 she published her book through Focal Press (Taylor and Francis) called Indie Film Producing: The Craft of Low Budget Filmmaking.” 

The Indie Film Producing Workshop

She is also an amazing educator. Here’s what one of her INDIE FILM PRODUCING ONE DAY INTENSIVE WORKSHOP includes:

  • How to option a screenplay
  • Forming an LLC
  • Preparing a sales presentation for investors
  • Creating your killer pitch
  • Designing your business plan
  • Getting a mentor
  • Hiring a line producer
  • Scheduling your EPK
  • Creating an empowering environment on set
  • Finessing a budget & schedule
  • Hiring a director
  • How to cast your film
  • Developing a detailed timeline
  • Creating a marketing strategy
  • The details of pre-production
  • The secrets of a great Production
  • Learning the ropes of post
  • Choosing the right distributor
  • Getting the best deal from your distributor
  • Preparing for delivery
  • Entering Film Festivals
  • Forming an LLC
  • Taxes (1099s, Accounting and K1s)

and you’ll be getting well over $20,000 worth of contracts, business plans, deal memos and much more. She hasn’t taught one of these workshops in over 6 years but after being hounded by people to offer another one she’ll be teaching her workshop on Saturday, October 29th, 2016 – 9:00 am to 6:00 pm – Encino, CA. 

And as a special gift she’ll be giving the Indie Film Hustle Tribe a $150 off discount if you sign up by this Sunday. Only four slots left.

Suzanne drops some major knowledge on us in this episode so enjoy my conversation with the return IFH Podcast champion Suzanne Lyons.

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You can  listen to her first appearance on the IFH Podcast here, easiest one of the most popular episodes ever:

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