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Filming an Indie Streaming Series During COVID with Colleen Krantz

In my on-going series on COVID film production, I speak to creator/showrunner Colleen Krantz. She is the creator of the new series Complete Bull. The show is about a young animal scientist who must decide if she will join her family’s livestock insemination business in her fighting-to-stay-alive Midwest hometown, even as the community is torn at the seams debating whether to become a “receiving community” in the government’s forced relocation of first-generation immigrants.

When she was shooting her show her production was one of only 24 SAG productions filming in the entire country. In this conversation, we discuss how she had to rewrite the script to include some nontraditional filming locations, how she dealt with negative attitudes from old-school Hollywood people because she was filming in a rural area, and what techniques she used to keep herself and her cast/crew safe during production.

One of my favorite parts of the conversation is when we discuss how she was chewed out by an actress’s manager, and I quote:

“ You have no business trying to do this from the middle of Iowa.“

I hope listening to Colleen’s story can help you run a safe film production during these crazy times. Enjoy my conversation with Colleen Krantz.

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