IFH 045: Twitch Film – From Film Geek to On-line Media Empire with Todd Brown

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Twitch Film – From Film Geek to On-line Media Empire

How does a film geek turn his love for movies into a media empire? Ask Todd Brown from Twitch Film. I met Todd Brown over ten years ago when I was promoting my short film BROKEN (Watch it FREE on Amazon Prime). He did a killer review of the film and we became fast friends.

His movie review site Twitch Film.com was just starting out then but it has grown into a leading voice in global cinema. Twitch Film focuses on more obscure, independent and international films; something that was missing from the movie review site blogosphere.

Twitch Film’s focus on those kind of films made it stand out and over the years has grown into a mega movie website. My advice, always be nice to people you never know when you paths will cross again.

Todd leveraged his knowledge and access to great international and independent films and joined forces with XYZ Films.

XYZ Films is an integrated content company whose mission is to empower visionary storytellers from every corner of the planet. As an independent production company and worldwide sales agency, the company is uniquely suited to identify talented filmmakers and bring their stories to life.

You might of heard of some of their breakout hits “The Raid ” and “The Raid 2.”

Todd and I sat down to discuss all things film geek, the state on independent film and the new landscape of film distribution. Enjoy!

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