Pixar Screenplays (Download the Scripts)


What can be said about the magical work the screenwriting and storytelling teams over at Pixar have created over the years? The “Pixar Method” has become a new way of telling and constructing a story.

With hit after hit and rarely misstepping, Pixar Studios has consistently been able to create great stories that content with audiences around the world.

The screenplays below are the only ones that are available online. When you are done reading take a listen to Apple #1 Screenwriting Podcast The Bulletproof Screenwriting Podcast, with guest like Oscar Winner Eric Roth, James V. Hart, David Chase, John August, Oliver Stone and more.

Also, check out this article breaking down Pixar great Pete Docter’s storytelling method.

(NOTE: For educational and research purposes only).

The Good Dinosaur


Onward (Coming Soon)

22 Rules Of Storytelling Analyzed

Finding Dory (Not Available)
Cars 3 (Not Available)
Brave (Not Available)
Cars (Not Available)
A Bug’s Life (Not Available)


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