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IFH 071: Save the Cat – Screenwriting Story Structure Made Easy

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Story Structure Made Easy

Why would you want to ‘Save the Cat’? If you are a screenwriter or aspiring one you should of heard by now of Blake Snyder’s game changing screenwriting book.

In his 20-year career as a film producer and screenwriter, Blake Snyder sold dozens of scripts, including co-writing Blank Check, which became a hit for Disney, and Nuclear Family for Steven Spielberg — both million-dollar sales. Named “one of Hollywood’s most successful spec screenwriters,” Blake sold his last screenplay in 2009.

His book, Save the Cat!® The Last Book on Screenwriting You’ll Ever Need, was published in May, 2005, and is now in its 24th printing. When I read this book it really had an impact on my storytelling and screenwriting.

Thankful Blake was not done and apparently it was not quite the last book on screenwriting you’ll ever need, as the eagerly awaited sequel, Save the Cat!® Goes to the Movies: The Screenwriter’s Guide to Every Story Ever Told, was published in October, 2007 — shooting to #1 in the Screenwriting and Screenplay categories on Blake’s third book, Save the Cat!® Strikes Back: More Trouble for Screenwriters to Get Into… And Out Of, was published in November, 2009.

Blake’s method has become the “secret weapon” of many development executives, managers, and producers for its precise, easy, and honest appraisal of what it takes to write and develop stories that resonate. Save the Cat!® The Last Story Structure Software You’ll Ever Need has codified this method. Blake passed unexpectedly in 2009 but the Save the Cat community carries on Blake’s work.

I had the pleasure of interviewing one of Blake’s main pupils Jose Silerio. Jose is carrying the torch of Blake’s work and travels around the world well…saving the cat.

Enjoy my informative interview with Jose Silerio.

Right click here to download the MP3 (Transcription of the episode below)


Action Items:

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Save The Cat! Tutorial Video: BACK TO THE FUTURE

Save The Cat! Tutorial Video: THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION

One of the greats! Shawshank shows the power of story told through strong beats, setups & payoffs.

Save The Cat! Tutorial Video: TOP GUN

TOP GUN is not only a classic 80’s film, it’s a perfect tutorial on utilizing strong beats in a screenplay.

Save The Cat! Tutorial Video: TRUE LIES

True Lies is a fan favorite and proves James Cameron knows how to make action & comedy work well together.

Save The Cat! Tutorial Video: ALIENS

Further proof of Director James Camerons’ ability to use strong story beats along with a solid film premise “truckers in space” to great effect.

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Transcription – Indie Film Hustle Podcast Episode #71.
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