IFH 665: Secrets to Working Inside the Hollywood Machine with Boaz Yakin

We have for you on the show today screenwriter and director, Boaz Yakin, The writer behind The Punisher, Dirty Dancing: Havana … Read more

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IFH 659: RAW Confessions of a Hollywood Blockbuster Screenwriter with Ted Griffin

There’s no con more satisfying and lucrative than finding a way to make a living as a screenwriter. And Ted … Read more

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How to Become a Hollywood Script Reader with Chris Lockhart // IFH Academy Webinar

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IFH 657: Audience•ology: Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret to Make Money with Kevin Goetz

Kevin Goetz has been at the center of what Hollywood calls the ‘movie research’ industry for more than thirty years … Read more

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Jeffrey Alan Schechter: How to Write a Screenplay: Bulletproof Structure from a Working Hollywood Writer

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Quentin Tarantino: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – The Directors Series

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IFH 636: The RAW Truth About Screenwriting in Hollywood with Rick Najera

Today on the show, we have award-winning screenwriter, actor, director, producer, and sketch comedian Rick Najera. Rick is also an author, … Read more

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IFH 633: Confessions of a Hollywood Screenwriter with Pen Densham

Today on the show, we have Pen Densham. Pen is a successful award-winning screenwriter, producer, and director, with an extensive … Read more

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IFH 628: Confessions of a Hollywood Studio Test Screener with Terrence Martin

Terrence Martin is known for his films Holes (2003), Get Away If You Can (2022) and The Donner Party (2009). His new film “Get Away … Read more

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IFH 627: Creating Friday the 13th & the Horror of Hollywood with Sean S. Cunningham

Sean S. Cunningham had a successful career of starting films cheap and fast. Originally from New York, Cunningham had a … Read more

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