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IFH 142: Lessons Learned from Running Indie Film Hustle


Lessons Learned from Running Indie Film Hustle

I wanted to put together this episode to share with the IFH Tribe the amazing lessons I’ve learned over the past year and a half running both and the IFH Podcast. I wanted to show you how these lessons can be applied to your filmmaking or screenwriting journey.

When I started IFH I really had no end game. I knew I wanted to reach as many filmmakers and artists as I could but that was it. The key for me was just focusing on the day to day tasks and not the monstrous mountain I wanted to get to the top of. BTW, I’m nowhere near the top of that mountain, I’m still at the bottom at base camp =)

In this episodes I go into the 5 Lessons I used every day in my creative, professional and personal life. These are:

  • Consistency
  • Learning
  • How to React and Adjust
  • Patience
  • Hustle

I break down each lesson and go deep down the rabbit hole on how you can apply these to you filmmaking and creative life. Enjoy and keep on hustlin’

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Action Items:

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