IFH 027: Kico Velarde – From Broke Editor to Emmy Winner

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Kico Velarde: From Being Broke to Cannes

The Cinderella story that is Kico Velarde’s life is remarkable. From being a struggling out of work editor to becoming the toast of the Cannes International Film Festival to winning an Emmy for producing Jay Leno’s Garage. Crazy!!!

His film PVC-1 – was accepted into the Director’s Fortnight at the Cannes International Film Festival and was nominated for the Camera D’ Or Award in 2007. He became the toast of the festival but barely had two cents to rub together as he spent his last cash on tickets to the festival.

Check out the trailer to PVC-1:

After the festival it took sometime to get back on his feet but then he got an opportunity of a lifetime, to work as an editor on a small YouTube show about Jay Leno’s Garage. Fast forward a year and he wins an Emmy for the show and the rest as they say is history.

If that wasn’t enough he also directed an award winning short film “The Shooting Star Salesman.” You can watch the entire short film below.

An embittered, magical salesman (Yancey Arias) repairs his shooting star machine and ventures out to restore people’s belief in shooting stars. Much to his dismay, he picks up a curious 8 year old tag along (Elijah Velarde) who starts to question if perhaps it’s the Salesman himself who needs to have his faith restored.

Kico’s story is truly an inspirational one. Take a listen and get ready to be inspired.

Right click here to download the MP3


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