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How to Make Money as a Filmmaker

I always get asked,

“How to make money as a filmmaker or can you make money as a filmmaker?”

The short answer is yes, of course, you can but will it be easy, HELL NO! What’s a filmmaker to do? I’ve been able to develop an over 20-year career making money as a filmmaker. So if I can do it you can too. In this podcast episode, I go into details on all the moneymaking ideas filmmakers can do to make money. I give examples, tell stories and show you how I and other filmmakers make money today. Here are a few things I go over in the episode.

Film Crew Work

  • Production Assistant
  • Department PA
  • Production Office PA
  • General Crew

Film Office Work

  • I go over the details of my film office job and what amazing things happen because of it
  • You meet and network with industry people

Film Production Company

  • I discuss my first job at a production company and how it launched my career
  • The value of interning
  • How you can leverage this job into a profitable freelance career

Skilled Freelancer

  • Learn a skill (Editing, Camera, Props, Grip. etc)
  • Find a skill and brand yourself

Building Your own production Company

  • Become a “Predator: Producer – Director – Editor
  • You and a camera, some lights and editing gear and you are now a production company


  • Corporate Jobs (Not fun but they pay)
  • Duplass Brothers Story
  • Music Videos (creative but little cash)
  • Create a web commercial for a local company for FREE at first, if you are just starting out
  • Build your showreel and gain experience
  • Weddings or Event Filming

Stock Footage Creation

  • Amazing Side Hustle
  • Passive Revenue Streams
  • Borrow a camera or buy a camera and shoot on your downtime
  • Find unique locations around where you live
  • B-Roll and RAW footage from old project sitting on a hard drive
  • BlackBox – Make Passive Income From Your Footage

Online Content Creator

  • Very creative
  • Find an audience and serve the audience
  • It’s a long game
  • Do it on the side hustle at first
  • You WILL NOT GET RICH but it’ll help build your brand and show your skills

Don’t write off doing FREE Projects

  • I’ll tell you my Snoop Dogg Story

Enjoy and I hope it helps you make some cheddar!

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The DIRTY Secret – How to Make Money as a Filmmaker

As a bonus, I’ve included  Zacuto‘s amazing five-part series on How to Make Money as a Filmmaker. When it comes to traditional ‘passion’ careers, like filmmaking, no one ever wants to talk about money. But how does a full-time filmmaker make a living?

The Zacuto Duo, Steve, and Jens sit down with Executive Producer Phil Wnuk and Director of Photography Kevin Otterness for a frank conversation about money, filmmaking, experience and having a 5-year plan.



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  1. Ricardo Islas on June 23, 2018 at 4:30 pm

    So okay, I’m half way through watching these videos, and I’m enjoying them. But I needed to stop and comment on the “No way in hell” one, when the main speaker says: I’d rather have 3 million people watch my movie on the web than a run in small theaters. I get it. But is there any money in that? I have a youtube channel where some of my movies have 14 million views and others 7 million views… and google doesn’t let me make a dime. They keep finding reasons to limit and restrict my monetization. Is there money on the web? I’m talking feature length movies here, not make-up tutorials, where you can make money in a different way. Here’s my channel: newalphastudios on youtube.