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James Cameron Screenplays (Download)

James Cameron Screenplays, Terminator PDF, Titanic PDF, Avatar PDF, True Lies

James Cameron Screenplays

What can be said of the most successful writer/director of all time? James Cameron is in a league of his own. His filmography doesn’t have a failure in it. From Terminator to the #1 and #2 biggest movies of all time, Titantic and Avatar. I can wait to see what he comes up with next.

Take a listen to James Cameron Masterclass as he discusses his films and storytelling techniques. The screenplays below are the only ones that are available online. If you find any of his missing screenplays please leave the link int he comment section.

(NOTE: For educational and research purposes only).

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Screenplay by James Cameron –  Read the screenplay!


Screenplay by James Cameron – Read the screenplay!

ALIENS (1985)

Screenplay by James Cameron –  Read the screenplay!

THE ABYSS (1988)

Screenplay by James Cameron –  Read the screenplay!


Screenplay by James Cameron –  Read the screenplay!


Screenplay by James Cameron & Jay Cocks –  Read the screenplay!


Screenplay by James Cameron, Barry Cohen, and Ted Newson (UNPRODUCED) –  Read the screenplay!

TRUE LIES (1994)

Screenplay by James Cameron –  Read the screenplay!


Screenplay by James Cameron –  Read the screenplay!

TITANIC  (1998)

Screenplay by James Cameron –  Read the screenplay!
Screenplay by James Cameron –  Read Text Version

AVATAR (2009)

Screenplay by James Cameron & Jay Cocks –  Read the screenplay!

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