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Screenwriting Books You Need to Read – Top Ten List

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Top Ten Screenwriting Books You Need to Read   1) Screenplay by Syd Field The first book I ever read about screenwriting. Field is the forefather of the how to for screenwriting. He cracked the code of the three act structure and paved the way for all others screenwriting gurus that would follow. As far as…

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Bill Kelly: How to Make It As a Working Hollywood Screenwriter

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Bill Kelly: The ‘Enchanted’ Hollywood Screenwriter I recently had the great pleasure of interviewing Bill Kelly, the screenwriter of the Disney film Enchanted starring Amy Adams. His other screenwriting credits include Premonition with Sandra Bullock, and Blast From The Past with Brendan Fraser. As we noshed on breakfast he graciously answered those questions that I had about being a working Hollywood screenwriter.…

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Lessons Learned from Winning a Screenwriting Competition

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Winning Screenwriting Competitions: Lessons Learned Years ago when I received word that my screenplay, Control; Alt; Delete, had won not one but two screenwriting competitions, I believed that all the hard work, years of struggle, self-doubt, and rejection had culminated to a glowing achievement that would forever wash away the specter of failure: I had…

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Top Ten Best Screenplays Ever Written

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Top Ten Best Screenplays Ever Written If you want to be a screenwriter you have to read screenplays. There’s no better place to start than then reading the masters of the craft. The Writers Guild of America (WGA) published this list of the top ten best screenplays ever written and I would have to agree. My personal…

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George RR Martin: Master Class on Storytelling with the Creator of Games of Thrones

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George RR Martin: Master Class on Storytelling George RR Martin is one of the most beloved and hated storytellers of his generation. He’s best known for his international bestselling series of epic fantasy novels, A Song of Ice and Fire (FREE AUDIO BOOK VERSIONS HERE), which HBO later adapted for its dramatic HBO series entitled Game of Thrones. Ever since HBO released the Games of…

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Pete Docter: How to Craft a Remarkable Story the Pixar Way

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The Pixar Way: How to Craft a Remarkable Story with Pete Docter I’ve been a fan of Pixar Studios films ever since I first saw “Toy Story.” The ability that Pixar has to tell an amazing story in uncanny. After that film I started studying every Pixar movie that came out. It seemed that they had…

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Robert McKee: Master Class on the Craft of STORY

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Robert McKee: Master Class on the Craft of Story If you haven’t heard of Robert McKee then you’re in for treat. Robert McKee is what is considered a “guru of gurus” in the screenwriting and storytelling world. He has lectured on storytelling for three decades, and his book Story: Substance, Structure, Style and the Principles of Screenwriting (FREE AUDIO…

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