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Today is the day. IFHTV is LIVE! Go check it out at www.indiefilmhustle.tv. It’s taken me months getting this ready for you and I hope you love it as much as I do. It has been a dream of mine to have a place where filmmakers, screenwriters and content creators could go to get their “fix” of filmmaking behind the scenes, interviews, documentaries, online education, and feature films. This has truly been a labor of love. Here’s what you can expect from Indie Film Hustle TV.

IFHTV will be the world’s first Netflix meets Masterclass style streaming services dedicated to filmmakers, screenwriters and content creators. Thousands of videos to help you on your filmmaking and screenwriting journey.  On IFHTV you’ll find:

  • Filmmaking, Screenwriting and Content Creation Documentaries
  • Exclusive interviews with film industry leaders
  • Exclusive Workshops
  • Behind the scene docs/materials
  • Feature and Short films with filmmaking as a theme
  • Online Educational Courses taught by some of the film industries greatest minds
  • Screenwriting Workshops
  • Inspirational Films
  • IFHTV Arthouse Indie
  • Director Commentaries and much more

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IFHTV is available worldwide and will be accessible on over 1000 devices including, Macs, PCs, streaming media boxes such as Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Nexus Player. Coming soon iOS devices and Android devices Apps.

Take a look at some of the films and series streaming now on IFHTV.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Indie Film Hustle TVkick the tires and let me know what you think. Please send feedback to [email protected]. I really want to make IFHTV the best it can be and I need your feedback.

Price is $99.95 / year so if you are interested sign up now to get that limited-time price for the life of your subscription. Go to  Indie Film Hustle TV.

Thanks again for all the support and happy streaming!

Alex Ferrari 1:58
Now guys, this has been a dream of mine for a long time I really wanted to create this world, a place where filmmakers, screenwriters and content creators can go and get their fix, not only to just sit down in bed and watch amazing documentaries about the filmmaking process, but also a place where you could take top and online education courses about every aspect of the filmmaking process. Also television series about filmmaking feature films that are based around the filmmaking process, or actors or the Creative Arts in one way, shape, or form. And I've always wanted to do that. Back in the days when I was in my video store days, I would hunt I mean hunt for making of DVDs. And before that VHS is of you know Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark and all of those kind of movies to show me a little bit about how the process was made. And nowadays, there is so much information out there. But it's scattered everywhere and some of its lost, some of it is just not available anymore. And there's still some amazing stuff on those making of videos and documentaries. And you might only have to buy a blu ray or something like that to get access to it. And nowadays, with all the streaming, there's not a lot of those special features even being made are available to to the average film goer, or filmmaker or screenwriter. So I wanted to kind of go after all of those, those things. And I would sit there and vege out watching documentaries about making of movies and and just all different aspects about the film business. And also just a place where you can get interviews with some of the biggest screenwriters like in the dialogue series that we have, which has 27 of the top screenwriters in Hollywood, talking for about an hour an hour and a half about their process. We've got the first two seasons up right now and we'll be releasing seasons every month going forward. And you know, you know, interviews with Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, James Cameron, Martin Scorsese, Tim Burton, Spike Lee, so many amazing filmmakers with these exclusive interviews that you can't get anywhere else, not for this price, at least. And I really, really hope that you guys get a lot out of this. I've worked extremely, extremely hard on just curating and talking to independent, independent filmmakers and getting their movies in and I'm going to go over A bunch of the content that we have in the platform in a little bit. But, you know, I, it's just taken me months. And that's why it's been a little bit rough for me to stay on a consistent schedule with the podcast. But I still get out at least two podcasts out every week. And then every other week, we get three podcasts out with the bulletproof screenplay podcast as well. So it's just you know, I've been doing this pretty much all myself, guys. So it's, it's not easy doing this. But I really wanted to do this for you guys. I really wanted to take indie film hustle up a notch, and really kind of break through because there is nothing else out there like this. Unfortunately, they just shut down filmstruck, which was criterion collections, amazing service, that was a, for whatever reason taken down. And even that service did not have what we're offering. We're offering a completely different kind of service. But the closest thing I can think about it was the Criterion Collection, stuff that they had going on, they didn't have nearly as much behind the scenes stuff as we do. But it's still you know, a filmmakers having so I'm very sad about that. streaming service going down, but now you have ifH TV. So let's talk a little bit about what we have on the platform right now. If you guys follow me on YouTube, or on Facebook or Twitter, Instagram, you know that I've been putting out trailers for a lot of the the movies and shows that we have on ifH. tv. So let's first talk about documentaries. Some of the amazing documentaries that we have on ifH TV first ones we have are on earth and untold the path to pet cemetery, which is an amazing documentary about the inner workings of how that movie got made, if you can, if you guys love that movie, and I know I do. It's a Stephen King. Book was great, wonderful insight on how that movie was made. Another great great documentary dreams on spec, which follows some up and coming screenwriters as they go through their journey through Hollywood to get their films produced. And then they intercut it with interviews of some of the best screenwriters ever on there like Nora Ephron and James L. Brooks, and so many others, as well. So that's a great documentary. Now, we also have an awesome little film called off the tracks, which is a documentary about Final Cut Pro X. And what the hell happened to Final Cut Pro. I know that I was a Final Cut Pro editor for many, many years. And when Final Cut, Pro X came out, people lost their minds. And this is a documentary going through the complete breakdown and horrible mishaps of Final Cut Pro when I got a Final Cut Pro X when I got released, but then it talks about how powerful that software has become, and where the future is and how it's kind of changing things as well. It's a wonderful, wonderful documentary. If you're a post guy, you've got to watch it. Another one we got is out of print, which is a great documentary about the new Beverly cinema the movie theater that is owned by Quentin Tarantino, and only shows 35 millimeter prints and just talks about the the need to hold on to 35 millimeter projections and, and things like that. And it's a wonderful if you're ever in LA you got to go to the new Beverly it is an amazing experience. We also have another documentary called character which is a raw and candid dialogue on the life and career of actors by people like Dabney Coleman, Peter fall, Charles Grodin, Harry D. Anderson and Sydney Pollack. It is a great, great documentary on the insights of the acting process. And another one is light and shadow which interviews some of the best cinematographers in the world and discusses how they do what they do. It's a great wonderful documentary. Now let's get into some series we have and I'm so so proud because I went after these guys to get it and to get this for you guys because it's always been very very expensive to get a hold of these guys this content but the legendary Kodak cinematography masterclass series, some of the world's best cinematographers ASC cinematographers talk about, like some of the episodes are how Dean Semler, the cinematographer of Dances with Wolves Academy Award winning director, cinematographer of dancers, the wolves did what they did, he did, how you shot Dead Poets Society with john seal, shooting for black and white shooting for fantasy shooting for drama of shooting for realism, shooting within a studio setting and even location lighting. All this is part of the master class taught by some of the world's best cinematographers. Another great series is the dialogue, learning from the Masters which I talked about earlier 27 of the world's best screenwriters talk about their life and craft and what they do. And how they do it. It is eye opening. I saw it when it first came out on DVD years ago. And now it is on ifH. tv. We also have the masters of terror. If you're into horror filmmaking, definitely check that series out. It's like 1819 episodes on the craft of horror filmmaking from Danny Draven, a horror filmmaker extraordinaire. We also have directors life behind the camera where you will get four and a half hours of interviews with some of the legendary icons of cinema, Spielberg, Cameron Scorsese, and so on such an amazing program. Definitely watch it if you guys jump on. Now let's talk a little bit about the courses that we have on the platform. First up is VFX green screen shooting for directors and cinematographers an amazing course if you ever want to shoot green screen. Next is filmmaking in a box, this is a 19 hour course, taking you through the making of an independent film from every single aspect of it, it is eye opening, just remarkable. We have the art of screenwriting. We also have critics the first seasons of critics the first seasons of film feliz, which is an amazing kind of sit down talking show where you get four or five directors and photographers people to talk about the business. And for all of you tribe members who have not seen it yet. This is Meg is going to be available on ifH. TV, it is available now, I'm going to be working on a director's commentary this next month. So on December release, we'll have a new commentary hopefully. And of course, on the corner of ego and desire will be premiering here, probably sometime after the new year. We also have exclusive workshops that I was able to give over at slam dance, talking about DaVinci Resolve talking about camera to camera to post workflow exclusively on the platform, not to mention the full ask Alec show, which has been piecemealed out little by little over over the year. But now I've got every episode up there in its full entirety, which is a great way for you just to see how I consult with filmmakers. And they ask me questions and I work through what their needs are. And it's a wonderful kind of like fly on the wall content. And if you need any help in marketing, we have Facebook, Instagram, Facebook ads, Twitter courses, anything you need to know about social media, and helping you get your film out there. We have courses about that as well. And we have a new show called the indie film, hustle TV video podcast, which is going to be interviews that I will release eventually on the podcast, but they will first make their debut on ifH. tv. Now this is great, because you can see me actually talking to the guests, how we interact and so on. And it's really great. We have a few episodes up right now, things that we have not released yet on the podcast. So very exciting. Of course, all my interviews from Sundance, even new ones have never been released before. And just so so so much more guys, crowdfunding, distribution, anything you need to know about. We have a lot of information on there. And of course, the podcast archives for indie film hustle for bulletproof screenplay, and for the film festival, hacks, podcast, all of them are on IFHTV. And also guys, every month, I'm going to be putting up brand new content, new movies, new courses, new series, new interviews, new everything, we're going to be putting them out every month. So this is going to stay fresh for you Even though right now there is about I want to say over 400 hours now of content on IFHTV at the launch. And my goal is to get that up to a lot more moving forward. But there's a lot of stuff on there right now that will keep you busy for months if you watch everything. But I will continue to build out the library, build out everything, start creating brand new content for IFHTV, and I'm going to be creating new originals, like new feature films, shorts, series and things like that, that I'll be producing. Moving on in the future as well. So so much stuff coming to IFHTV. Guys, again, if you're interested to sign up today is the day it is $10.99 a month or if you want to go for a full year you get a free month and it's just 120. And that's going to only last until February 1 after February 1 it goes up to its normal price, which will be $13.99 and $150 a year. So if you want to sign up for it, sign up for it now you'll be grandfathered in for ever as long as we keep this thing going. But thank you so so so much. Head over to www.md Film hustle.tv. Or if you want to something a little simpler, i f h tv.com will get you there as well guys, I'm going to be honest with you, I would not have been able to do this without all of you without all of the support from the tribe. Over the years, it's taken me over three and a half years since I launched indie film hustle to get to a point where I can do something like this for the filmmaking community, I really hope it continues to grow. People who got early access have been giant going in, I've been looking on the back end, people been watching movies, and courses and videos left and right. It is, it's so nice. And it's so wonderful. And I am so happy by the emails and messages that I'm getting from all of you guys who are on the platform. Thank you again, so, so much. And for all of my international listeners, this is available to everybody world wide. If you have an internet connection, and you've got a website and you can get on the web, you will be able to have access to ifH. TV, those other apps, if you have access to those stores, like the App Store, or Google or Apple TV, or fire TV or any of those kind of places, you'll be able to get access to it as well. But it will be world wide. Thank you again for all the support guys. And I will of course continue to create other content podcasts, everything will go as normal. I've just now thrown IFHTV on my plates to deal with, not to mention the book that I'm finishing writing right now, which hopefully will be out soon. That will be a whole other podcast for another day. We will talk about that very, very soon. I'm excited to talk to you about that. And some other things I've got cooking on for you guys. But again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support and I really hope this is of service to you guys on your journey to to your dreams and to get into where you want to be in life. There is no excuse. There is no reason why you're not doing what you want to do in your life. Okay, if you have struggles, if you have things in front of you that the obstacles that you need to get out, figure it out, figure out how you can get over those struggles, get over those obstacles, go around them dig, dig a tunnel underneath it, you know, do whatever you need to do, but get it done. I've hopefully given you a lot of tools over the years with indie film hustle all the content I've created there. And now with IFHTV, there are tools, there's information, there is knowledge, there is resources, there is no fn excuse. Go out there, follow your dreams. And thank you again for all your support guys. Once again, if you want to sign up, head over to IFHTV.com or www.indiefilmhustle.tv. As always, keep that also going. Keep that effing dream alive. And I'll talk to you soon.




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