Top 10 Must Listen to Cinematography Podcasts

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Indie Film Hustle’s Top 10 Cinematography Podcasts Cinematography Podcasts are like a free film school for aspiring or professional cinematographers. Indie Film Hustle has put together the Top Ten must listen to cinematography podcasts of the last year. From Oscar winners to cinema lens gurus, be sure to take notes because there are a ton…

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IFH 147: Cinema Lenses MasterClass with Matthew Duclos

Matthew Duclos, Cinema Lenses, Cine Lenses

Please Note: Once you press play it will take a few seconds for the episode to start playing. Cinema Lenses MasterClass with Matthew Duclos Today we are going deep down the cinema lenses rabbit hole. I was lucky enough to sit down and speak to the “Yoda” of cinema lenses Matthew Duclos. Matthew has been…

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